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The Split Foundations

           This is brightentayle  of Debris speaking.

             You're now reading an info file about
                         another stupid

                        3BM OpenAir 2015
                         graphix  compo

                     because I fucking can.                     
                 Also because why the fuck not.

          So there you have it! A standard 6912 screen
               with a pop-art Isaac Asimov on it.

                  Vote with all 10s,  have fun
                and don't get too drunk,  leets!

   And once again,  I can't be arsed about doing a new ASCII,
             so here's a nice  lil' mailbox instead.

Title: The Split Foundations
Format: Standard 6912
Party: 3BM OpenAir 2015 (6, General graphics compo)
Original file: Download brightentayle+-+The+Split+Foundations+%282015%29+%283BM+OpenAir+2015%2C+6%29.scrbrightentayle - The Split Foundations (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 6).scr
Download for PC: Downloadbrightentayle - The Split Foundations (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 6)
Download for PC (2X): Downloadbrightentayle - The Split Foundations (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 6)
Download for printing (A4 300dpi): Downloadbrightentayle - The Split Foundations (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 6)
Tags: Celebrity, Face, Glasses, Portrait
Views: 869
MD5 hash: 40ff322c48f54f0fc1331c9fcb0793bd
Added by: diver, 12.07.2015 23:54
moroz1999 13.07.2015 00:14 -0+
Круто, очень сильный шаг вперед. Правда, я сначала подумал, что это Alan Sugar :)

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