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Flower Girl

Title: Flower Girl
Format: Standard 6912
Party: Forever 2014 Olympic Edition (11, General graphics compo)
Original file: Download LCD+-+Flower+Girl+%282014%29+%28Forever+2014+Olympic+Edition%2C+11%29.scrLCD - Flower Girl (2014) (Forever 2014 Olympic Edition, 11).scr
Download for PC: DownloadLCD - Flower Girl (2014) (Forever 2014 Olympic Edition, 11)
Download for PC (2X): DownloadLCD - Flower Girl (2014) (Forever 2014 Olympic Edition, 11)
Download for printing (A4 300dpi): DownloadLCD - Flower Girl (2014) (Forever 2014 Olympic Edition, 11)
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MD5 hash: d1a2315d84a3e7af40600a31c682b536
Added by: Kurashi Nikkeru, 21.03.2014 15:57
LCD 26.06.2014 02:11 -0+
Hey, there is something wrong with these entries:
Real name: Marat Nagimov
Location: Kazan, Russia
Both are completly wrong. Correct data:
Real name: Leszek Chmielewski
Location: Vienna, Austria
moroz1999 29.06.2014 22:26 -0+
Thanks a lot for mentioning this!
It was some experiment gone really wrong, now all the right data should be restored.

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