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Metal Man Remixed

Metal Man Remixed is the improved version of Metal Man Reloaded. The game was made especially for Bitmap Books. Release date: 2015, May 15, only tape version as the addition to the book "ZX Spectrum: a visual compendium" by Sam Dyer.

Title: Metal Man Remixed
Format: Standard 6912
Original file: Download Oleg+Origin+-+Metal+Man+Remixed+%282015%29.scrOleg Origin - Metal Man Remixed (2015).scr
Download for PC: DownloadOleg Origin - Metal Man Remixed (2015)
Download for PC (2X): DownloadOleg Origin - Metal Man Remixed (2015)
Download for printing (A4 300dpi): DownloadOleg Origin - Metal Man Remixed (2015)
Tags: Armor, Bike, Biker, Explosion, Eye, Face, Female, Fire, Helicopter, House, Loading Screen, Male, Mask, Robot, Warrior, Weapon
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