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Palette: Pulsar
Border: ON
Hidden pixels mode: OFF
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nb: internal module year is incorrect - read as 0x7e1 (2017 in hex :)
"yan:zion" by artem vasilev -> wbc \\ b-state

.pt3 - source version
.$c  - version with player
.mp3 - mp3 rendered version

player entrypoints:
init - #C000
play - #C005
mute - #C008

should play correctly on AY with ACB\mono channel layout and 1.77 MHz clock (as on spectrum 128 :)
Music title: yan:zion
Music authors:
File format: PT3
Sound format: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: ay
AY channels layout: ACB
Party: Forever 2017 - Mad Max - The 8-Bit Road (4, General music compo)
Publication year:
Duration: 2:30.32
Channels: 3
Tracker: Vortex Tracker
Internal title: yan:zion->forevah17<-ay.acb.1.77
Internal author: nep.wbcbz7.nep.\o_O/.17.o3.0x7e0
Download in original format: Download in original format wbc+-+yanzion+%282017%29+%28Forever+2017+-+Mad+Max+-+The+8-Bit+Road%2C+4%29.pt3wbc - yanzion (2017) (Forever 2017 - Mad Max - The 8-Bit Road, 4).pt3
Download MP3:
Download OGG:
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Added by: wbc, 19.03.2017 13:37

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wbc 19.03.2017 19:08 -0+
хардкорно-колбасно-долбежечный эксперимент, который, судя по всему, провалился...или нет? %)

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