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Nickname Group(s) Real name Country City Music Rating Graphics rating
1 MattyOcean Software Ltd Matthew Cannon United Kingdom 17.05
2 GasmanRaww Arse, Hooy-Program, AY-Riders, The Gasman Matthew Westcott United Kingdom Oxford 17.26 0.89
3 4mat Matthew Simmonds United Kingdom 2.24
4 tocky (atoji) Matthew Rundle Australia Brisbane 3.88
5 Dethmunk John Blythe United Kingdom 2.24
6 W. Moore United Kingdom
7 J. Moore United Kingdom
8 D. Moore United Kingdom
9 C. Moore United Kingdom
10 Roy Moore United Kingdom
11 Gary Moore United Kingdom
12 Dave MooreBeam Software Australia
13 Rick Moor
14 Peter Moore
15 Chris MoorehousePAL Developments United Kingdom
16 Stuart Moore
17 Ast A. Moore
18 Duane A. Moore United Kingdom
19 Alastair Moore
20 Miquel van Smoorenburg
21 Miguel van Smoorenburg
22 Beast Martin Sadera Czech Republic Uherský Brod
23 Nik Beast Russia Izhevsk
24 The Dutch USA-Team Netherlands
25 The Boss Russia Krasnodar
26 The Graphics People Portugal
27 The Israeli Team Israel
28 The Left Russia Moscow
29 the DrUnKeN mAsTeR United States
30 The Tape Gallery United Kingdom
31 The Austrian Spectrum Club Austria
32 The Mask
33 The PResS Adventure United Kingdom
34 The Rippers Russia Moscow
35 The TeamWise Owl Software
36 The Phantom Cracker Denmark
37 The Dragon United Kingdom
38 Thetford Crime Prevention Panel United Kingdom
39 The Super Russia
40 The PigScandinavian Software Crackers Denmark
41 The Drak Lord
42 The Edge-90
43 The Devil Russia
44 The Mad Guys Germany
45 The Light
46 The Champ United Kingdom
47 The M-1 Hacker
48 The Hitlist United Kingdom
49 The Interceptors Poland
50 The Simulacra United Kingdom