Gigascreen mode: Mix
Palette: Pulsar
Border: ON
Hidden pixels mode: OFF

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

Title: Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
Format: Standard 6912
Release name: Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017)
Original file: Download MAC+-+Crystal+Kingdom+Dizzy+%282017%29.scrMAC - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017).scr
Download for PC: DownloadMAC - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017)
Download for PC (2X): DownloadMAC - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017)
Download for printing (A4 300dpi): DownloadMAC - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017)
Tags: Alternative Loading Screen, Animal, Bird, Chest, Crocodile, Dizzy, Hat, Jaws, Jungles, Loading Screen, River, Sails, Ship, Snake, Tree, Waterfall, Weapon, Whip, Перчатки
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Added by: moroz1999, 20.04.2017 23:40
drbars 21.04.2017 09:07 -2+
Incredible amazing picture! Thank you very much!
mmcm Website21.04.2017 22:02 -0+
i love this graphics and hero :)
Amilt0n Website21.04.2017 22:04 -0+
Lovely picture, nice work! :)
MAC Website23.04.2017 12:43 -0+
Thanks! The game is amazing
moroz1999 Website23.04.2017 23:45 -0+
Beautiful! I also like textures/colors on a tree on the right - it has a bit unusual feeling, I don't know why.
moroz1999 Website24.04.2017 10:53 -0+
This is because tree uses a bit of green, not only yellow, now I see :)
NeilParsons Website25.04.2017 01:46 -1+
Incredible work! I'm so impressed!
Lee James 07.05.2017 21:36 -2+
Wow, this is really amazing, one of the best I've seen! It makes the original title screen look awful in comparison! You're really good at this MAC!

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