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Deja Vu

#05 at tUM 2011 oldskool gfx compo.

ZX Spectrum Graphic - standart SCREEN$ format

Название: Deja Vu
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Пати: the Ultimate Meeting 2011 (5, Общий конкурс графики)
Оригинальный файл: Скачать Dimidrol+-+Deja+Vu+%282011%29+%28the+Ultimate+Meeting+2011%2C+5%29.scrDimidrol - Deja Vu (2011) (the Ultimate Meeting 2011, 5).scr
Скачать для PC: СкачатьDimidrol - Deja Vu (2011) (the Ultimate Meeting 2011, 5)
Скачать для PC (2X): СкачатьDimidrol - Deja Vu (2011) (the Ultimate Meeting 2011, 5)
Скачать для печати (A4 300dpi): СкачатьDimidrol - Deja Vu (2011) (the Ultimate Meeting 2011, 5)
Теги: Дерево, Женщина, Замок, Облако, Пейзаж, Портрет, Роза, Цветок
Просмотры: 1293
Artcity-страница: http://artcity.bitfellas.org/index.php?a=show&id=27800
MD5 хэш: 6bbd3766e438e0f74e86e3e530535dfb
Добавил: Dimidrol, 29.12.2011 12:35
Kurashi Nikkeru 30.12.2011 16:22 -0+
Gorgeous, such a gorgeous picture :) Yeah, it could get a higher place if not only the other platforms on that party: a good pixel artist knows how to exploit the machine's limitations, especially if it's a Speccy machine.

But I guess it's only the general formula.

On the picture itself: the conversion (if it is a conversion) looks awesome, although I'd edit the clouds above the castle and the scarf on the woman's neck - either those are the only attributes that didn't fit the picture or these things actually needed a bit more effort.

Well, other than that, great job :)

(для тех, кто не понял, что я тут начудил - Google Translate вам в руки! XD)
tutty 30.12.2011 16:26 -0+
This picture is 100 % handmade (look at the steps).

No the best girl in the history of "girlfacepixeling". May be too old?

Anyway thanks for the good job.
Kurashi Nikkeru 30.12.2011 16:28 -0+
Oopsy :)
moroz1999 03.01.2012 12:38 -0+
This may not be the most metrosexual girl in a history of ZX-graphics, but she's much more "lively" one, and that's for sure :)

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