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Авторы > I > Ignacio Prini Garcia > Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble (New Screen) 2nd v2-3

Название: Bubble Bobble
Формат: Стандартный 6912
Название релиза: Bubble Bobble
Оригинальный файл: Скачать Ignacio+Prini+Garcia+-+Bubble+Bobble+%282014%29.scrIgnacio Prini Garcia - Bubble Bobble (2014).scr
Скачать для PC: СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Bubble Bobble (2014)
Скачать для PC (2X): СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Bubble Bobble (2014)
Скачать для печати (A4 300dpi): СкачатьIgnacio Prini Garcia - Bubble Bobble (2014)
Теги: Bubble Bobble, Coin-Op, Firebird, Taito, Альтернативный загрузочный экран, Драконы
Просмотры: 1534
MD5 хэш: b205dcb3163f3e1657a1a7731d762d98
Добавил: diver, 25.04.2014 15:13
NeilParsons Вебсайт02.05.2014 01:51 -0+
I have done a final version (v2.09) of this screen with a modification on green dragon's mouth. If interested to replace this version, contact me by email.
Kurashi Nikkeru 04.05.2014 17:42 -0+
That's sweeeeeeet!

Hoping that the final version is way better.
NeilParsons Вебсайт31.05.2014 00:12 -0+
Hi, moroz1999

I have another pixel artwork to make an entry here in my profile but your email doesn't seem to work (I've received instead an automatic postal delivery status notification of failure when I tried to send it yesterday)

Tell me if you've changed your email or whatsoever write me to mine: ipriniga(A)hotmail.com
moroz1999 Вебсайт31.05.2014 16:07 -0+
Thanks! I've sent You an email, please check Your inbox :)
NeilParsons Вебсайт31.05.2014 18:34 -0+
Done! Thanks Dmitri :)
Kantxo 28.01.2015 00:05 -0+
La pantalla de carga original era simplonamente correcta, pero quedaba lejos de la ilustración de la cubierta. Esta es una versión mucho más fiel en conjunto, y la prefiero.
The original game loading screen is barely correct, but far from the cover artwork. This is a much more faithful version overall, which I prefer.

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