Candlemixx (hybrid AY) 1

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Some notes may be not synchronized, some drums may be misplaced.
There is no editor yet. The music was made in Beepola SFX Engine.

The hybrid version of the engine reads notes from the channel 1,
reads corresponding AY note values and puts them out.
The channels are swapped compared to the beeper version, because channel 1 output volume is much lower in the SFX.
Music title: Candlemixx (hybrid AY) 1
Music authors: Abrimaal
File format: AY
Sound type: AY+Beeper
Party: 3BM OpenAir 2015 (8, General music compo)
Publication year: 2015
Duration: 2:31.00
Channels: 1
Container type: AY
Internal title: Candlemixx (hybrid AY)
Internal author: Abrimaal
Original filename: Candlemixx.ay
Download in original format: Download in original format Abrimaal+-+Candlemixx+%28hybrid+AY%29+1+%282015%29+%283BM+OpenAir+2015%2C+8%29.ayAbrimaal - Candlemixx (hybrid AY) 1 (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 8).ay
Separated tracker file: Separated tracker file Abrimaal+-+Candlemixx+%28hybrid+AY%29+1+%282015%29+%283BM+OpenAir+2015%2C+8%29.zipAbrimaal - Candlemixx (hybrid AY) 1 (2015) (3BM OpenAir 2015, 8).zip
Download MP3: Download MP3 1.mp3
Tags: Beeper+Ay, Candlemass, Cover, Doom Metal, Medley, Metal, Single, X-Bass
Played: 24
MD5: e6c2d68e97c887f5459468d933c22af8
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4160
Added by: diver, 13.07.2015 00:19
moroz199913.07.2015 20:22
Great thanks for Candlemass mix. AY+beeper bass sounds just epic!

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