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Song title: Barbeep
Created by: AER
File format: AY
Sound device: Beeper
Competition: Sochi Party 2014 (4, General music compo)
Publication year: 2014
Duration: 2:59.48
Number of channels: 1
Title (metadata): BARBEEP
Author (metadata): Title: BARBEEP
Original filename: Barbeep.ay
Download in original format: Download in original format AER+-+Barbeep+%282014%29+%28Sochi+Party+2014%2C+4%29.ayAER - Barbeep (2014) (Sochi Party 2014, 4).ay
Separated tracker file: Separated tracker file AER+-+Barbeep+%282014%29+%28Sochi+Party+2014%2C+4%29.tapAER - Barbeep (2014) (Sochi Party 2014, 4).tap
Download as MP3: Download as MP3
Played: 14
MD5: af3129d0faeeedc5bfa279757406483e
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4440
Uploaded by: moroz1999, 17.03.2014 23:09

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