Author: Alessandro Grussu

Real name: Alessandro Grussu
Location: Italy
Links: Page on zxaaa.netPage on Spectrum Computing
Palette: sRGB
Artist's rating: 5.77
ZX-Art user: Alessandro Grussu

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Al's Double BillAl's Double Bill
Al's Double Bill
Apulija 13
Apulija 13
Cousin HoraceCousin Horace
Cousin Horace
Cousin Horace IntroCousin Horace Intro
Cousin Horace Intro
Cronopios y FamasCronopios y Famas
Cronopios y Famas
Doom PitDoom Pit
Doom Pit
Funky FungusFunky Fungus
Funky Fungus
Leonardo's Lost Last InventionLeonardo's Lost Last Invention
Leonardo's Lost Last Invention
Lost In My Spectrum
Lost In My Spectrum
Lost In My Spectrum v2.0
Lost In My Spectrum v2.0
Lost in My SpectrumLost in My Spectrum
Lost in My Spectrum
Seto Taisho to KazanSeto Taisho to Kazan
Seto Taisho to Kazan
Seto Taisho vs YokaiSeto Taisho vs Yokai
Seto Taisho vs Yokai
Sophia II
Sophia II

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