Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja

Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja
Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja
Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja
Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja inspiration
Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja another inspiration
Title: Bad Dudes Vs Dragonninja
Author: Bill Harbison
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Release name: Dragon Ninja
Year: 2023
Original filename: DRAGONN.scr
Download Bill+Harbison+-+Bad+Dudes+Vs+Dragonninja+%282023%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC 2X 3X 4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Alternative Loading Screen, Hand, Helicopter, Logo, Ninja, Warrior, Weapon, Надпись, Сюрикэн
Views: 130
Added by: diver, 14.01.2023 19:38
Harbonaut 16.01.2023 13:26
Who uploaded this before I finished it??????
diver 16.01.2023 14:03
Sorry, Bill. That's happens sometimes, when someone finds a cool pic in the internet.
It looks so good that nobody have imagined that it is not a final version even.
I can delete it.
Harbonaut 16.01.2023 15:12
If you could delete it that would be great, but how do I upload my version when it's finished?
diver 16.01.2023 18:03
You need an scr file to upload it here at And before that You need to claim an autorship for

But also You can just give a link to png file here at comments and i will upload it.
Also there is two options: 1) replace this file with finished one but all the votes will remain 2) delete this picture and upload a new one, and visitors will vote again.
Harbonaut 16.01.2023 23:44

I have started the process of autorship but I haven't had a reply about it yet.

I've attached a like to a folder that has a png and an scr of the image. If you could delete this one and add this new one, I'd appreciate it.

moroz1999 17.01.2023 16:44
Everything is done, thank you.
Harbonaut 17.01.2023 19:34
I've updated the .scr file but for some reason the old file is still being displayed?
I deleted the old one and uploaded the new, it's the same as the one on this video.
Art-top 17.01.2023 20:31
I apologize for intruding on the conversation. The file has been updated, everything is fine, but the old version remains in the browser cache, you need to clear the cache. I already see the new version :)
Harbonaut 17.01.2023 18:10
Thanks, it's sorted now

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