Author: Breeze

Group: FishBone Crew, Ascendancy Creative Labs, G&G Entertainment, Spectrum Warriors Corp.
Real name: Oleg Golenkov
Location: Grodno, Russia
Other nicknames: B-reeZe, Minisoft avec NRJ, Minisoft
Links: Page on zxaaa.netPage on Spectrum ComputingPage on SpeccyWiki
Artist's rating: 13.62
ZX-Art user: breeze

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 Vinnie Puh'+ Intro Vinnie Puh'+ Intro
Vinnie Puh'+ Intro
Asterix IntroAsterix Intro
Asterix Intro
Australian Rulez Football IntroAustralian Rulez Football Intro
Australian Rulez Football Intro
Borntro 2008Borntro 2008
Borntro 2008
Coming Soon Old Master KilodemoComing Soon Old Master Kilodemo
Coming Soon Old Master Kilodemo
Demons Revenge IntroDemons Revenge Intro
Demons Revenge Intro
Hackers top 2010 InvitationHackers top 2010 Invitation
Hackers top 2010 Invitation
Hackerz Top 2009 SEHackerz Top 2009 SE
Hackerz Top 2009 SE
Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)
Hamon IV Demo Intro (Pentagon Fix)
Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlandsHamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands
Hamon IV: Return to home from deathmanlands
Master Fast Track Copier
Master Fast Track Copier
Open IT IntroOpen IT Intro
Open IT Intro
Operation Hormuz IntroOperation Hormuz Intro
Operation Hormuz Intro
Pro Tracker 2.2Pro Tracker 2.2
Pro Tracker 2.2
Removal DeluxeRemoval Deluxe
Removal Deluxe
SLOG Coming SoonSLOG Coming Soon
SLOG Coming Soon
Thunder Birds Collection IntroThunder Birds Collection Intro
Thunder Birds Collection Intro
Twilight Demoparty InvitationTwilight Demoparty Invitation
Twilight Demoparty Invitation
VD 16fVD 16f
VD 16f
View & PrintView & Print
View & Print
World Series Basketball IntroWorld Series Basketball Intro
World Series Basketball Intro

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