Billy and Jimmy Lee/Abobo spritesheet 1

Billy and Jimmy Lee/Abobo spritesheet 1
Billy and Jimmy Lee/Abobo spritesheet 1
Billy and Jimmy Lee/Abobo spritesheet 1

Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee and Abobo standard walk spritesheet from the WIP Double Dragon remake for the ZX Spectrum

Title: Billy and Jimmy Lee/Abobo spritesheet 1
Author: Craig Stevenson
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Original filename: dd_billy_jimmy_abobo.scr
Download Craig+Stevenson+-+Billy+and+Jimmy+LeeAbobo+spritesheet+1.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC2X3X4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Black&white, Double Dragon, Fighter, Game Graphics, Спрайты
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Added by: redballoon, 13.05.2015 23:47
moroz199914.05.2015 20:09
Billy and Jimmy are close to perfect at all!
moroz199914.05.2015 20:10
Abobo is a little too small, but I guess it's an engine limitation.
Van-B15.05.2015 12:08
Looks great!
I don't remember the Speccy version of DD being too bad, it has been a while though.
retrogod29.05.2022 23:51
This is from Double Dragon Redux from 2002 by Dean Swain (Swainy). Jim Bagley was meant to be working on it but it all fell silent
redballoon30.05.2022 16:21
Ah no, these are my original graphics which Dean then used as basis for other frames as I couldn't continue on the project at the time.
redballoon30.05.2022 22:24
The Billy sprite is from 2010, the Abobo sprite is from 2012 and the Jimmy sprite is from 2014.

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