Author: David Bolton

Group: Choice Software Ltd
Location: United Kingdom
Links: Page on Spectrum Computing
ZX-Art user: davidbolton

Participated in development of software

Dark EmpireDark Empire
Dark Empire
Johnny Reb IIJohnny Reb II
Johnny Reb II
The BulgeThe Bulge
The Bulge
Theatre EuropeTheatre Europe
Theatre Europe
davidbolton22.02.2018 17:54
Bulge and Johnny Reb II were mine alone, done while I was at Choice Software. Dark Empire was done for Lothlorien (who became Icon Design) by me alone. I did the Amstrad CPC version of Theatre Europe not the ZX Spectrum conversion. CityFighter Zx Spectrum was written by Colin Gordon, I did the CBM-64 version.
moroz199922.02.2018 20:04
Wow! Thank you, I'll make the corrections!

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