I'm the creator of these images and I felt astonished to see them posted here, in such quality. Superb!
First one is the cover art of the Screamers band, It was quite easy to avoid the limitations of the colour crash, and added a few touches of color here and there. I then added the barb wire to give it more "punch" and a lame nick that I never really used.
Second one is the remains of the Palace of Knossos, a bit to squared and vibrant colours. I could have given a bit more of perspective but it's quite similar to the photo I took my inspiration from.
Third one is my favourite. It's my rendition of a painting from Edward Hooper (https://www.settemuse.it/pittori_scultori_americani/hopper/edward_hopper_011.jpg) and well, it took me a while to finish it the way I wanted..
I could be 14 by that time, so in retrospective, I'm quite happy with the results. Working with the spectrum and its "cursor keys" was a torture but I had a great time doing that.
Thanks to the site's team for storing all these works (mine and other's)