Contra Sketch

Contra Sketch
Contra Sketch
Contra Sketch
Contra Sketch  inspiration

			Was made for "Contra Hard Corps ZX", unfortunately the game develepement process was faded very fast. But some scroll engine and character animations was done.

Title: Contra Sketch
Author: diver
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Year: 2000
Original filename: CONTRASB.scr
Download diver+-+Contra+Sketch+%282000%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC
DownloadDownload for PC (2X)
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Building, Car, City, Excess Deluxe Paint, Female, Game, Interface, Portrait, Unreleased
Views: 1328
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MD5 hash: 3dd5819f2a0b3a3f4b912ef0e4a936d2
Added by: moroz1999, 26.12.2012 22:37

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