Telephone Line

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Song title: Telephone Line
Created by: djnzx48
File format: TS
Sound device: Turbo Sound (2xAY 6 channels)
AY chip type: AY-3-8910 / AY-3-8912
AY channel layout: ABC
AY frequency: 1.77 MHz (Original ZX Spectrum)
INT frequency: 50 Hz (Original ZX Spectrum)
Publication year: 2018
Duration: 4:56.45
Number of channels: 6
Tracker: ProTracker 3.7 compilation of
Title (metadata): Telephone Line
Author (metadata): djnzx48 / ELO
Original filename: telephone.pt3
Download in original format: Download in original format djnzx48+-+Telephone+Line+%282018%29.pt3djnzx48 - Telephone Line (2018).pt3
Download as MP3: Download as MP3
Tags: Cover, Electric Light Orchestra
Played: 174
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4440
Uploaded by: djnzx48, 28.12.2018 05:35
introspec 02.01.2019 23:42
God, even the choice of a cover is amazing. You are amazing. I have only one complaint: wish you worked in stereo.
djnzx48 03.01.2019 00:19
I do work in ABC stereo, but the 100% left/right hard panning is too extreme for me :(
introspec 05.08.2019 13:59
I know this track by heart, and I do not think you've got a single nuance wrong. Absolutely amazing.

As for the stereo, I meant that some people use "double tracking", i.e. they limit their use of side channels to either mirror each other or to rapidly swap their contents, so that overall there is never an impression of a, say, solo track, in one of the side-channels. This is exactly to avoid the hard panning. nq has many tracks like this, esp. the ones made during the last few years.
DeadDog 09.08.2019 08:45
...очень хорошо.

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