Author: dman

Group: Placebo, Eternity Industry
Real name: Dmitrij Kalinin
Location: Kovrov, Russia
Other nicknames: D-Man, dman_pcb
Links: Page on zxaaa.netPage on SpeccyWikiPage on Pouet.netPage on
Palette: sRGB
Artist's rating: 76.00
ZX-Art user: dman_pcb

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Buzz 15 Hidden Part
Buzz 15 Hidden Part
Happy New Year 2016Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2020 introHappy New Year 2020 intro
Happy New Year 2020 intro
MmcM - The Blossoming Years (musicdisk)MmcM - The Blossoming Years (musicdisk)
MmcM - The Blossoming Years (musicdisk)
Qumi demoQumi demo
Qumi demo
peppa (party version)
peppa (party version)

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