Holiday in the sun

Holiday in the sun
Holiday in the sun
Holiday in the sun

# My first ZX Spectrum picture, released as a remote contribution at CAFe 2003, held in Kazan, Russia (now homeland of the Spectrum demoscene). Ranked 6th in the competition.
As I haven't managed to have my Sprinter working with my RGB monitor, I used DeluxePaint 2 and Grafx 2 to make a black and white picture that I then coloured using SevenuP.
Quite a gloomy picture I admit, but I thought it would be interesting to mix the bright palette of the Spectrum with a serious topic. Working with the limitations was quite a challenge, actually placing the figures correctly within the canvas the blocks make seems to be really important.
# Date : August 2003
# Format : 256*192/8 colours with ZX Spectrum limitations: 2 colours only for each 8x8 block. Each block can be either bright or dark.

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Title: Holiday in the sun
Author: Exocet
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Party: CAFe 2003 (6, General graphics compo)
Year: 2003
Original filename: gfx 06.scr
Download Exocet+-+Holiday+in+the+sun+%282003%29+%28CAFe+2003%2C+6%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC2X3X4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Gasmask, Industry, Male, Smoke, Tube, Противогаз
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