Title: Underwater
Author: helpcomputer0
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Year: 2022
Original filename: underwater.scr
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Tags: Face, Portrait, Underwater, Water, Woman
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Added by: helpcomputer0, 05.08.2022 22:51
Art-top06.08.2022 00:07
Is this a reference to something?
helpcomputer006.08.2022 10:20
Pator06.08.2022 12:11
JMcGibbitts25.01.2023 22:31
I will always think of this as Emma Stone, drowning.
aGGreSSor26.01.2023 22:56
There's a lot of that. fur coat from the painting "Unknown" by artist Ivan Kramskoy. The face could be Jim Morrison or Bob Dillon. I also have the impression that I saw it many times and I don’t remember where))
Grongy27.01.2023 15:11
Пошто стервеллу (круэллу) утопили

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