Sevrina Maris

Sevrina Maris
Sevrina Maris
Sevrina Maris

One game I'd love to see converted to the SAM - unlikely though it may be - is Denton Designs/Beyond Software's Shadowfire. Way back in the mid-1990s, I started drawing large-format character pictures with the intention of making a set of these 'Bio Cards', though I didn't finish drawing all of them (Syylk was particularly troublesome) and Sevrina was the only one I coloured on the SAM.

Title: Sevrina Maris
Author: HEXdidn't...
Format: Sam Coupe mode4
Palette: sRGB
Year: 1995
Original filename: simc0626.ss4
Download HEXdidn%26%23039%3Bt...+-+Sevrina+Maris+%281995%29.ss4Original file
DownloadDownload for PC 2X 3X 4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Female, Warrior
Views: 101
Added by: HEXdidn't..., 01.09.2023 18:14

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