Statues of Ice - Menu 'Game'

Statues of Ice - Menu 'Game'
Statues of Ice - Menu 'Game'
Statues of Ice - Menu 'Game'

Not so much a "Game That Wasn't" as a "Music Demo That Wasn't"... Around the time I became an honorary member of the SAM Coupé coding group Entropy (mid-1990s), I was asked if I'd like to provide some material for their upcoming megademo, Statues of Ice.

It's since become kind of a long-running joke in the SAM community that Statues was (for a while, at least) perpetually 'in progress', but never got finished. At the time, I only produced seven SCREEN$ worth of material (most not even full!), none of which felt to me like my best work. For some reason, I rushed things at the last minute, and wrote an apology on one of the images for it being "so little, so late", in the full expectation that it would be considered unusable.

This isn't exactly that material, as it was provided all those years ago - it looked so bad, I just had to tweak it as I built up this mockup - but the idea was that, rather than just "press Space to advance to the next phase of the demo", there would be a 'menu'... but presented as a game in which you explore caverns of ice, and each 'exit' would take you to a different part of the music demo. Would have been nice to see it in action... but I suspect I drew almost everything too large - the scenery tiles here are 32x32 pixel (albeit broken down further into 16x16 pixel components, some of which were more interchangeable than others). I'd never been given any guidelines or a plan to work to, so I just threw things together as I normally did, hoping for the coder(s) to get back to me with corrections and recommendations... Unfortunately, I think Statues got derailed as a byproduct of the main coder's impressive real-world career trajectory.

The logo shown is one of four options I created, and it's probably my favourite of them... though I wonder if I should have allowed a little more space between the S of 'Statues' and the I of Ice... does it look like it was going to be called Statues of Sice?

The large statue above the logo was possibly intended for a title screen rather than being scenery for the 'game', since its palette was completely different. It's here to occupy space because, for whatever reason, I decided the 'game' window should be square for this mockup...

Many years after I produced the original set of graphics for this demo, the coder working on The Lower Caverns got in touch with the guy behind Statues, asking how he'd feel about a bonus level paying homage to this mythical demo. He liked the concept, so it's in...

Title: Statues of Ice - Menu 'Game'
Author: HEXdidn't...
Format: Sam Coupe mode4
Palette: sRGB
Year: 1995
Original filename: simc0621.ss4
Download HEXdidn%26%23039%3Bt...+-+Statues+of+Ice+-+Menu+%27Game%27+%281995%29.ss4Original file
DownloadDownload for PC 2X 3X 4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Entropy, Menu, Minigame, Music Demo, Sam Coupe, Statues Of Ice
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