Gigascreen mode: Mix
Palette: Pulsar
Border: ON
Hidden pixels mode: OFF


Rampage inspiration

I had this picture in the drawer long time ago, as an alternate loading screen for Activision videogame. It was made using Master System original introduction screen as source and patiently designed with ZX Paintbrush. Quite nice, IMHO!

Title: Rampage
Format: Standard 6912
Release name: Rampage
Original file: Download Ignacio+Prini+Garcia+-+Rampage+%282017%29.scrIgnacio Prini Garcia - Rampage (2017).scr
Download for PC: DownloadIgnacio Prini Garcia - Rampage (2017)
Download for PC (2X): DownloadIgnacio Prini Garcia - Rampage (2017)
Download for printing (A4 300dpi): DownloadIgnacio Prini Garcia - Rampage (2017)
Tags: 6912 Bytes, Alternative Loading Screen, Animal, Arcade, Bally, Buildings, Chopper, City, Female, Frame, George, Helicopter, Lizzie, Monster, Ralph, Videogame
Views: 116
MD5 hash: a3b71b68b800304c1287067625fa97a1
Added by: NeilParsons, 27.05.2018 17:15

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