Gigascreen mode: Mix
Palette: Pulsar
Border: ON
Hidden pixels mode: OFF
Authors > I > IMP > 5$ for IMP

5$ for IMP

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Music title: 5$ for IMP
Music authors:
File format: STC
Sound type: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: ay
AY channels layout: ACB
AY Frequency: 1750000
INT Frequency: 50
Duration: 5:37.46
Channels: 3
Tracker: SOUND TRACKER v1.3
Download in original format: Download in original format IMP+-+5%24+for+IMP.stcIMP - 5$ for IMP.stc
Download MP3:
Played: 67
MD5: 458759b8a2f295307271a5dcbe341c92
Added by: diver, 04.03.2014 19:03

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