Author: Jam

Group: Ubi Soft, Enigma Variations Ltd, Orpheus Ltd, Ashminster Computing Ltd
Location: Moscow, United Kingdom
Links: Page on
AY chip type: ay
AY channels layout: ACB
AY Frequency: 1750000
INT Frequency: 50
Musician rating: 0.06
Artist's rating: 1.03

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Participated in development of software

Kick Off 2
Puffy's Saga
Twin World
Skate Wars
Stalker (Сталкер)
Stalker v1.02 (Сталкер v1.02)
Aon Mania
Good Mood Demo
Kommunizm Microdemo
Virgin Demo
Gift to API Soft
Mic Gift Microdemo
Mr.Zero Gift
tiboh 18.07.2018 18:07
Нужно разъединить автора на музыканта Jam (Dem)/Дмитрий Белов/Clevers Group/Челябинск и художника Jam/James Hartshorn/Великобритания

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