Author: Jarrod Bentley

Group: Visual Impact, Softstorm Developments
Real name: Jarrod Bentley
Location: Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Other nicknames: BiNMaN
Links: Page on Spectrum ComputingPage on Spectrum Computing
Artist's rating: 45.25

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Participated in development of software

Air Traffic Control RomeAir Traffic Control Rome
Air Traffic Control Rome
Crystal Kingdom DizzyCrystal Kingdom Dizzy
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
Encyclopaedia Galactica
Encyclopaedia Galactica
Ghost CastleGhost Castle
Ghost Castle
Ghost Castle 2Ghost Castle 2
Ghost Castle 2
Ghost Castle 2 SEGhost Castle 2 SE
Ghost Castle 2 SE
Land of Mire MareLand of Mire Mare
Land of Mire Mare
Pets vs Aliens ProloguePets vs Aliens Prologue
Pets vs Aliens Prologue
Rays’ ReprisalRays’ Reprisal
Rays’ Reprisal
Snake EscapeSnake Escape
Snake Escape
Tea And Sympathy
Tea And Sympathy
Trooper:Point 5Trooper:Point 5
Trooper:Point 5
Turbo the TortoiseTurbo the Tortoise
Turbo the Tortoise

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