Author: JIM

Group: Supersonic Software Ltd, Games Workshop
Real name: James Wilson
Location: United Kingdom
Links: Page on Spectrum ComputingPage on Spectrum Computing
Palette: sRGB
Artist's rating: 7.10

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Participated in development of software

3D Starfighter3D Starfighter
3D Starfighter
ATV SimulatorATV Simulator
ATV Simulator
BMX SimulatorBMX Simulator
BMX Simulator
BMX Simulator 2BMX Simulator 2
BMX Simulator 2
Championship Jet Ski SimulatorChampionship Jet Ski Simulator
Championship Jet Ski Simulator
Grand Prix SimulatorGrand Prix Simulator
Grand Prix Simulator
Hero QuestHero Quest
Hero Quest
Jet Bike SimulatorJet Bike Simulator
Jet Bike Simulator
Master of MagicMaster of Magic
Master of Magic
Mission JupiterMission Jupiter
Mission Jupiter
Necris DomeNecris Dome
Necris Dome
One Man and His DroidOne Man and His Droid
One Man and His Droid
Professional BMX SimulatorProfessional BMX Simulator
Professional BMX Simulator
Professional Ski SimulatorProfessional Ski Simulator
Professional Ski Simulator
Star RunnerStar Runner
Star Runner
Super G-ManSuper G-Man
Super G-Man
Super Robin HoodSuper Robin Hood
Super Robin Hood
Super StuntmanSuper Stuntman
Super Stuntman
Terra CognitaTerra Cognita
Terra Cognita
The Empire Fights BackThe Empire Fights Back
The Empire Fights Back

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