Silent Shadow revisited

Silent Shadow revisited
Silent Shadow revisited
Silent Shadow revisited
Silent Shadow revisited inspiration

In 1988, Julio A. Martin Erro 
( was 
commisioned to draw the loading screen of Silent Shadow 
by Topo Soft. He started the job, but he was unable to finished it 
in time, so Javier Cano (
resumed the work.

But then Cano's boss forbid him to do neither code nor graphics, so he
pass me the unfinished work. Most of the pilot was complete, and also
the silouette of the jet plane, but no more, only a blank background.
So I finished the pilot, I drew a somewhat blurred jet (to give
impression of speed and to save working time in details), I added some
clouds with spray can tool and I added some lines as an air squadron,
to fullfill time deadline. I also did the Amstrad CPC
( and Commodore
64 ( versions of this loading screen 
(MSX (
version was a direct, automated conversion).

So this ZX loading screen has no signature, and was credited to Javier
Cano in Spectrum version, to me, Kantxo Design, in Amstrad version and
to Julio Martín in MSX version.

But for years I felt this illustration by Alfonso Azpiri
deserves a more coloured and detailed ZX screen, with a
different composition. So finally I've decided and here is. It was a
very, very difficult subject; Try to do it if you don't believe me! I
hope all of you enjoy it.

Title: Silent Shadow revisited
Author: Kantxo Design
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Release name: Silent Shadow
Year: 2014
Original filename: Silent Shadow Revisited.scr
Download Kantxo+Design+-+Silent+Shadow+revisited+%282014%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC
DownloadDownload for PC (2X)
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Alfonso Azpiri, Alternative Loading Screen, Helmet, Male, Plane, Portrait
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MD5 hash: 8024ebaff95acf937a4777f037bc885a
Added by: moroz1999, 18.12.2014 20:18
sq18.12.2014 21:50
Ну чо, ждём четвёрок от тибоха и метвина?
moroz199919.12.2014 07:36
Что-то ржу :)
Вполне нормальная логика: нет сисек - нет пятерок :)
sq19.12.2014 10:24
Тут несколько ступеней:
1. нет сисек
2. автор не метвин
3. автор потенциальный конкурент в топе
4. профит!
NeilParsons14.04.2015 03:59
Incredible! Excellent work, Ricardo!
NeilParsons03.11.2015 18:38
Ricardo, ¿no tendrías inconveniente con que una reproducción en imagen de ésta y otras pantallas gráficas tuyas aparezca en un proyecto de libro sobre la producción Homebrew?

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