Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen

Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen
Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen
Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen
Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen inspiration

Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen

Fan Art work done by Ricardo Cancho Niemietz ("Kantxo Design")


This package includes the following two items:

- This license file "Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen-License.txt"

- The ZX Spectrum screen raw dump SCR file "Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen_scr" (with no DOS filename extension) (CRC-32: CCA664FA hex)


I, Ricardo Cancho Niemietz, the author of this work "Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen", grant the permission to copy and distribute these files to anyone who want to do so by acomplishing all of the four (4) following terms:

I.	All these files must be copied and/or distributed in its fully binary original form, that is, without modifications of any kind, and both files must be provided together as single item.

II.	If published on any form, media and/or format:

	II-a. 	The full name of the autor ("Ricardo Cancho Niemietz"), and optionally his artistic nickname ("Kanxto Design") must be credited in plain text accompaining any form and/or format of the image and/or its container file.

	II-b. 	A "Fan Art" subtitle must be appended to the title of the work in plain text, black on white, besides the visible image.

	II-c. 	No payment of any kind must be done to the autor. This work is for free.

	II-d.	No income of any kind can be earned by the publishers in exchange of any form of medium of the publication of the image.

III.	By publishing this image, both following or not the previous conditions, the publishers explicitely accepts the full terms contained in this license.

IV.	In any case the author will be responsable by any compliants by the original or current legal holders of the trademarks or any other registered forms related to the use of the "Teenage Queen" brand by either ERE Informatique or Exxos, and/or the original artwork by Jocelyn Valais referenced in this Fan Art work, even in the event of the violation of any of the previous conditions cited in this license file by any unfair publisher around the world.

NOTICE:	The original "Teenage Queen" videogame developed for Commodore Amiga by ERE Informatique & Exxos and distributed by Infogrames Europe SA, was never ported to ZX Spectrum. Official ports exist for Atari ST, PC-DOS and Amstrad CPC.

Any other private use, including to derive works from this object of license, are granted without restrictions of any kind.

(C)2015 Ricardo Cancho Niemietz - All Rights Reserved

Title: Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen
Author: Kantxo Design
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Year: 2015
Original filename: Teenage Queen-Fan Art ZX Screen.scr
Download Kantxo+Design+-+Teenage+Queen-Fan+Art+ZX+Screen+%282015%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC 2X 3X 4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Fanny, Female, Hair, Nude
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Added by: moroz1999, 15.01.2015 22:07
trefi 16.12.2016 19:18

При первом взгляде на превью, первая мысль - что за режим/платформа, слишком насыщенно, цвет на точку какой-нибудь. И удивился, когда рассмотрел и понял, что стандарт.
bfox 17.12.2016 18:41
#ногируки, #печальбеда
Lee Bee 18.02.2024 15:00
This is incredible. To begin with, I was certain that this wasn't a standard Spectrum screen. Incredible!

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