Author: Kaszi75

Real name: András Kaszanyitzky
Location: Hungary
Other nicknames: ,
Links: Page on
ZX-Art user: Kaszi75

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Kaszi7520.03.2023 13:33
Please merge my profiles (author and group) to find all of my works at one place ("Latin Squares" is missing at the Author / "Celtic Peano" and "Demon Stression" are missing at the Group). Thx! Greetings from Hungary! Kaszi75 (András Kaszanyitzky)
moroz199920.03.2023 14:05
Thanks for noticing! For some reason Kaszi75 is marked as group in API, so during the import a duplicate was created.
Kaszi7520.03.2023 23:40
Txk bro! :)

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