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Black Sunshine

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Nick/Realname: Lamer Pinky / Petr Klusal
Group: Gemba Boys	
Full name of work: Black Sunshine
Compo: OldSchool 8-bit competitions (ZX Spectrum AY/YM-Music)
Requirements: ZX Spectrum (and AY chip) 
Duration (minutes): 3:12
Contacts: lamer.pin**@windowslive.com

P.S.: Music is in ABC stereo :-)
      The music I did in Vortex Tracker, I attach a source file.
      The song is is not repeated after finish, I forbade loop.
      If there are any issues, please contact me via email. Thank You.
      I attach SNAP....is there Prometheus, just type RUN :-)
      CODE informations: Play routine: 49152,1617
                         Music data:   51310,9408
                         Lenght:       11570

In assembler:   

init      CALL 49152
loop      HALT
          CALL 49157 (init+5)

P.S.2:DiHalt rulezZz !!! :-)
Music title: Black Sunshine
Music authors:
File format: PT3
Sound type: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: ym
AY channels layout: ABC
AY Frequency: 1789770
INT Frequency: 50
Party: DiHalt 2014 (4, General music compo)
Publication year:
Duration: 3:11.33
Channels: 3
Tracker: Vortex Tracker II 1.0 module:
Internal title: Black Sunshine
Internal author: Lamer Pinky / Gemba BoyzZz
Download in original format: Download in original format Lamer+Pinky+-+Black+Sunshine+%282014%29+%28DiHalt+2014%2C+4%29.pLamer Pinky - Black Sunshine (2014) (DiHalt 2014, 4).p
Download MP3:
Played: 28
Added by: moroz1999, 12.09.2017 22:42

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