Title: VIXEN
Author: MAC
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Release name: Vixen
Year: 2022
Original filename: Vixen.scr
Download MAC+-+VIXEN+%282022%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC2X3X4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Alternative Loading Screen, Female, Game, Girl, Grass, Jungle, Logo, Warrior, Whip
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Added by: MAC, 09.08.2022 15:42
Grongy09.08.2022 16:36
The long-awaited comeback!
MAC09.08.2022 16:51
Thanks, yes I had not touched the Spectrum for a while.
Joe Vondayl09.08.2022 19:46
I`m keeping my fingers crossed for Toi Acid art from you, it`s hurts...
Great WORK!
MAC09.08.2022 19:55
I'll make a note of that cover, thanks
Joe Vondayl09.08.2022 19:58
Please take your time, no hurry. I`d hope to see a perfection!
Grongy09.08.2022 20:34
Джо, это наверное первая оценка на сайте от тебя, что я вижу, ты там наверстывай давай О_о
Joe Vondayl09.08.2022 21:50
Да, так и есть. Я не удержался! Это была одна из первых видео игр которую я увидел!
MAC09.08.2022 18:23
: AL/M ;

I wonder what criteria he follows...
abelenki09.08.2022 18:32
probably, a troll
moroz199909.08.2022 19:47
Judging by votes historyt he doesn't seem like troll currently (or yet), seems more like some special opinion. Would be great if he could explain himself a bit more.
Grongy09.08.2022 20:33
I'm pretty sure he's not gonna do that, dunno why though.
ax3410.08.2022 00:33
Мне тоже почему-то двойку поставил за Sonic vs Eggman
abelenki09.08.2022 18:33
awesome work!
MAC09.08.2022 19:56
Thank you. It was quite complicated, by the way.
Slider10.08.2022 01:02
MAC, your screens are awesome!!! I like it much!!!
My wish: How about title screen to Myth: History in the Making? ;)
MAC10.08.2022 11:19
thank you, another one on the list !
breeze10.08.2022 13:52
Just wO_Ow!
MAC10.08.2022 15:47
thx :)
Pator10.08.2022 17:13
MAC10.08.2022 20:44
thanks !
Shuran3310.08.2022 20:42
Magic picture. How can you learn to draw like that!? it's unrealistic. Thanks MAC.
MAC10.08.2022 20:45
Thanks to you
ax3410.08.2022 23:04
MAC knows how to make regular 6912 look like gigascreen!
MAC11.08.2022 23:33
XD thanks!

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