Ocean Loader v1

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Music title: Ocean Loader v1
Music authors: ,
File format: COP
Sound type: SAM Coupé SAA 1099
Publication year:
Duration: 3:00.24
Channels: 6
Container type: RAW
Tracker: E-Tracker v1.x
Download in original format: Download in original format Pyramex%2C+Martin+Galway+-+Ocean+Loader+v1+%282014%29.copPyramex, Martin Galway - Ocean Loader v1 (2014).cop
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Played: 74
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4160
Added by: pyramex_of_hate, 26.09.2017 23:05
moroz1999 04.10.2017 00:38
Great one!
stefan 15.06.2018 01:14
Great fan of the Ocean Loader - never heard it back in the day, but was introduced to it by the brilliant Mordi remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QOftNjdoK8 - discovered the original SID versions later - also great. And this SA1099 one does a terrific job!!!

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