APB inspiration
APB another inspiration

Another great cover by Steinar Lund. I couldn't find reference for the Walking Circles logo online other than the Amiga and Spectrum loading screens so had no choice but to copy the text.

Title: APB
Author: MCH
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Release name: APB
Year: 2021
Original filename: apb_mchzx_final.scr
Download MCH+-+APB+%282021%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC2X3X4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Alternative Loading Screen, Atari, Buildings, Cop, Criminal, Domark, Donut, Hooker, Litter, Officer Bob, Palm Trees, Police, Steinar Lund, Tengen, Walking Circles
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Added by: mch, 22.08.2021 15:10
Ersh31.08.2021 22:02
Love it! So clean and fresh.
mch01.09.2021 04:02
Thanks Ersh!

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