Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong inspiration

Based on the arcade cabinet side art.

Title: Donkey Kong
Author: MCH
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Release name: Donkey Kong
Year: 2021
Original filename: dk_mch.scr
Download MCH+-+Donkey+Kong+%282021%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC2X3X4X
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Alternative Loading Screen, Ape, Arcade, Barrel, Blonde, Dress, Girder, Girl, Kong, Ladder, Mario
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Added by: mch, 23.01.2021 16:36
abelenki24.01.2021 16:58
такому скрину позавидовали бы владельцы Famicom в своё время. :) кстати, конверсия от Ocean была вполне неплоха в сравнении с другими 8-битными домашними портами (особенно, предыдущими нелецинзионными на Speccy). да и заставка от Мика была на уровне. на данный момент у нас (на Speccy) есть практически полноценные (современные) конверсии NES Super Mario Bros., Mighty Final Fight GameBoy Ninja Gaiden, Atari 8-bit Montezuma's Revenge, Sea Dragon; и даже "настоящие" эмуляторы аркадных Pac-Man, Space Invaders и GameBoy Tetris (т.к. они реально используют код оригинальной игры). по мне, не хватает только Double Dragon для полноты картины. а работы-то велись :( ("A few years back, an attempt was made at producing a much better ZX Spectrum version. Dean Swain of Retro Asylum was involved with veteran Ocean coder Jim Bagley and Speccy ambassador Matthew Westcott, managing to produce a tech demo where the Jimmy sprite could walk around a largely empty level 1 area" - а остальные конверсии были вполне адекватны своему времени и вполне играбельны даже в сравнении с коин-опами - Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, NewZealand Story, Rod Land, Renegade, Pang, Shinobi, DragonNinja и десятки других.
mch24.01.2021 17:23
Thanks again. Yes its a great time for Spectrum fans getting new or updated versions of classic games. Hope this makes sense (had to use google translate).
abelenki24.01.2021 17:41
absolutely agreed. we are getting almost pixel-perfect conversions from consoles / computers of 8-bit era now, like Super Mario Bros. / Mighty Final Fight, plus awesome-looking re-images of classic arcade flyers / cassette inlays / posters of a time.
mch24.01.2021 19:46
Yep - who would have guessed almost 40 years after the spectrum's release it would still be getting the amount of attention it does. Personally I'm very pleased about that - there's some incredible artists and game programmers keeping all of us ex-teenage spectrum fans happy.

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