The Black Mirror TV episode 'Bandersnatch' inspired me to produce spoof artwork for the game 'Nohzdyve' as featured in the episode. This is the loading screen produced from my artwork.

Format: Standard 6912
Release name: Nohzdyve
Download MCH+-+NOHZDYVE+%282018%29.scrOriginal file
DownloadDownload for PC
DownloadDownload for PC (2X)
DownloadDownload for printing (A4 300dpi)
Tags: Balcony, Building, Cap, Clothes, Cloud, Eye, Head, House, Loading Screen, Logo, Nose, Rope, Sky, Teeth, Window, Надпись
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MD5 hash: 28760727bc317e51ecebc49608250bb7
Added by: mch, 26.09.2019 13:39
moroz199926.09.2019 20:36
Great screen, thanks! Since website doesn't work with common PC formats and requires ZX images in original 6912 format, I've converted image from JPEG to ZX. Please check if I got it right, especially bright vs non-bright colors.
mch11.10.2019 00:40
Hi - thanks very much for that! I almost gave up. I came back to try again and saw the screen and your message. I'm new to uploading images on here so its much appreciated. Yes the screen looks fine - the only brights that need switching off are two blocks: in the top left part where the edge of the building is next to the logo, theres a tiny patch of sky next to the roof that should be grey and dark blue not white and blue (the one next to the bottom of the N. The other block is below this one). Apart from that all ok! :) PS - I produced this in low res on my mac using a grid layer as a guide (I know probably crazy but works for me). Probably why I missed out on the brights when uploading as I coloured by eye. Finally it was converted to my spectrum using OCP Art studio from scratch using a photo on my mobile. I just wanted to see how it looked loading onto my 80s TV, plus the noises etc.

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