Aliens: Neoplasma - FOReVER!

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Эта версия трека не была использована в игре, поэтому была выставлена в конкурсе АУ музыки на фесте FOReVER 2019 'The 8-Bit Aliens,  родственная тематика :)
Music title: Aliens: Neoplasma - FOReVER!
Music authors:
File format: PT3
Sound type: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: ym
AY channels layout: ABC
AY Frequency: 1770000
INT Frequency: 50
Party: FOReVER 2019 'The 8-Bit Aliens' (2, AY music compo)
Publication year:
Duration: 1:54.20
Channels: 3
Tracker: ProTracker 3.7 compilation of
Internal title: Aliens: Neoplasma - FOReVER!
Internal author: n1k-o 14.03.2019
Download in original format: Download in original format nq+-+Aliens+Neoplasma+-+FOReVER%21+%282019%29+%28FOReVER+2019+%26%23039%3BThe+8-Bit+Aliens%26%23039%3B+%2C+2%29.pt3nq - Aliens Neoplasma - FOReVER! (2019) (FOReVER 2019 'The 8-Bit Aliens' , 2).pt3
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Tags: Aliens: Neoplasma, No-Copy
Played: 63
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4310
Added by: n1k-o, 21.03.2019 00:04
djnzx4821.03.2019 10:57
What does 'no-copy' mean? I've seen it on a few tracks, but I don't know what it's used for.
n1k-o21.03.2019 23:07
It's simple - a copy is a cover or remix and nocopy is not.
karbo27.07.2019 17:23
круто! страшно дажэ стало =)

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