Top Gun: The Second Mission (NES) - Level 2

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Track with many slides and fast solo - good test for many tracker features<br />
Used effects: 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, Fxx<br />
<br />
Chip rock is roxx!
Music title: Top Gun: The Second Mission (NES) - Level 2
Music authors: Shiru
File format: TFC
Sound type: FM (3 channel YM2203)
AY chip type: ay
AY channels layout: ACB
AY Frequency: 1750000
INT Frequency: 50
Duration: 0:55.36
Channels: 1
Tracker: TurboFM Compiler v1.1
Internal title: Top Gun: The Second Mission (NES) - Level 2
Internal author: Covered by Shiru, based on midi cover by Stockman
Original filename: cover_topgun2_level2.tfc
Download in original format: Download in original format Shiru+-+Top+Gun+The+Second+Mission+%28NES%29+-+Level+2.tfcShiru - Top Gun The Second Mission (NES) - Level 2.tfc
Download MP3: Download MP3
Tags: Cover, Nes
Played: 56
MD5: 0970cc6b5625e73fe3dc6091ebc6fa9c
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4440
Added by: breeze, 10.04.2015 14:41

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