Author: Simon Butler

Group: Probe Software Ltd, Denton Designs, Choice Software Ltd, Gang of Five, Canvas, Active Minds, Accolade Inc
Real name: Simon Butler
Location: United Kingdom
Other nicknames: Simon
Artist's rating: 3.94

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Participated in development of software

Cosmic Wartoad
Dan Dare II: Mekon's Revenge
Enigma Force
Gazza II
Gift from the Gods
It's a Knockout
Leader Board
Legend of Kage
Miami Vice
Phantom Club
Psi-5 Trading Company
Target: Renegade
Silent Service
Sim City
Super Cycle
Total Recall
The Transformers
The Vindicator
Viz - The Computer Game
Hunchback - The Adventure
The NeverEnding Story
Batman: The Adventure
Vallation 128K
SQIJ 2018
Dan Dare III: The Escape

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