Author: STE'86

Group: ESP
Real name: Steve Day
Location: United Kingdom
Other nicknames: Steven Day
Links: Page on Spectrum Computing
Palette: sRGB
Overall image rating: 6.47

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Xela 07.12.2023 18:32
STE'86: "yes the first one with Armalyte is me. Pud Pud is also me (done as a tribute to Joffa when he died in 2010). the Megatron thing is not me. however the location data after the name could also be me as this is my location"
Xela 07.12.2023 18:35
STE'86: "the only missing spectrum entry i can spot is a game called Lunari from Ariolasoft. the c64 version is on Lemon64 but the speccy version does appear to be missing from the archives"

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