Author: Tufty

Real name: Richard Hollins
Location: United Kingdom
Links: Page on
AY chip type: AY-3-8910 / AY-3-8912
AY channels layout: ACB
AY Frequency: 1.77 MHz (Original ZX Spectrum)
INT Frequency: 50 Hz (Original ZX Spectrum)
Musician rating: 0.73
ZX-Art user: Ataritufty

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Participated in development of software

1-bit Mechanistic (musicdisk)1-bit Mechanistic (musicdisk)
1-bit Mechanistic (musicdisk)
Electrostatic (beeper music)
Electrostatic (beeper music)
Trevor Gets the Trots
Trevor Gets the Trots
Tycoon TrevorTycoon Trevor
Tycoon Trevor

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