On and Off .... Beep

Name:         Tufty
Group:        1bit Forum
Name oF work:    On and Off .... Beep
Compo:        ZX Beeper
Duration:    2:01

ZX Beeper track written with the Phaser 3 engine by Shiru
Beep On!
Music title: On and Off .... Beep
Music authors: Tufty
Sound type: Beeper
Party: DiHalt Lite 2020 (1, Beeper music compo)
Publication year: 2020
Original filename: on_and_off_signed.tap
Download in original format: Download in original format Tufty+-+On+and+Off+....+Beep+%282020%29+%28DiHalt+Lite+2020%2C+1%29.tapTufty - On and Off .... Beep (2020) (DiHalt Lite 2020, 1).tap
Separated tracker file: Separated tracker file Tufty+-+On+and+Off+....+Beep+%282020%29+%28DiHalt+Lite+2020%2C+1%29.mp3Tufty - On and Off .... Beep (2020) (DiHalt Lite 2020, 1).mp3
Played: 0
MD5: ca4a2b9cfc780dbd3bac9937e50e5774
Added by: n1k-o, 11.01.2020 03:22

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