Guardians of the Scene

Guardians of the Scene
Guardians of the Scene
Guardians of the Scene

Original picture "Guardians of the Galaxy" by PatrickBrown.

Title: Guardians of the Scene
Author: Tutty
Format: CHR$ (high definition stadard/gigascreen)
Palette: Pulsar
Year: 2015
Original filename:$
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Tags: Comic, Explosion, Female, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Gun, Male, Marvel, Movie, Shooting, Warrior, Weapon
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MD5 hash: 521e753050a20e8a11d0bd631416a7b4
Added by: tutty, 13.07.2015 15:16
moroz199913.07.2015 19:52
Эпическое полотно вышло!
introspec15.07.2015 00:22
Wow, just wow.
sq15.07.2015 18:49
Whoa, definitely a huge enormous amount of painstaking work is here. Certainly five.

But also interesting, if we have hypothetical tiboh, who could venture to put it 4 (due to no boobs or what does he assess pictures by)?
sq15.07.2015 18:49
And one more moment: does it copy or nocopy? Can we have a reference?
nonamed16.07.2015 11:20
moroz199916.07.2015 12:17
Thanks for stages - really interesting to watch.
diver20.07.2015 10:10
В стандартном режиме детали конечно страдают от подобного текстурирования, но, черт побери, 2 экрана по вертикали!
trefi22.07.2015 08:49

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