forward to infinity

Compo: ZX Spectrum Beeper Music
Author: utz/irrlicht project
Name of work: forward to infinity
Length: 2:20
Engine: Squat
Comment: Happy 2020! Make Beeper, Not War!
Music title: forward to infinity
Music authors: UTZ
Sound type: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: YM2149F
AY channels layout: ABC
AY Frequency: 1.77 MHz (Original ZX Spectrum)
INT Frequency: 50 Hz (Original ZX Spectrum)
Party: DiHalt Lite 2020 (2, Beeper music compo)
Publication year: 2020
Original filename: infinity.tap
Download in original format: Download in original format UTZ+-+forward+to+infinity+%282020%29+%28DiHalt+Lite+2020%2C+2%29.tapUTZ - forward to infinity (2020) (DiHalt Lite 2020, 2).tap
Separated tracker file: Separated tracker file UTZ+-+forward+to+infinity+%282020%29+%28DiHalt+Lite+2020%2C+2%29.asmUTZ - forward to infinity (2020) (DiHalt Lite 2020, 2).asm
Played: 0
MD5: 738c6fb274f59cfa2df7c6de05a0e55f
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wbcbz712.01.2020 16:22

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