Buzzing brazzing

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Nick/Realname: wormsbiysk | WBC  Artem Vasilev
Group: LSA
Full name of work: buzzing brazzing
Compo: ZX Spectrum AY/YM-Music
Requirements: AY-3-8910 or YM2149F :)
Duration (minutes): 3:11
Contacts: ********

buzzing brazzing.pt3          - оригинал
buzzing brazzing (party).pt3  - пати-версия
buzzing brazzing.mp3          - mp3-версия
buzzing brazzing.$c           - версия с плеером
Модуль написан в Vortex Tracker II v.1.0, компилировался там же.
Точки входа для версии с плеером:

INIT : #C000
PLAY : #C005
MUTE : #C008

P.S. Большая просьба не отрезать последние 11 секунд модуля :)
Song title: Buzzing brazzing
Created by: wbcbz7
File format: PT3
Sound device: Standard 3 channel AY/YM
AY chip type: AY-3-8910 / AY-3-8912
AY channel layout: ABC
AY frequency: 1.75 MHz (Pentagon)
INT frequency: 48.828125 Hz (Pentagon)
Competition: Chaos Constructions 2014 (5, AY music compo)
Publication year: 2014
Duration: 3:10.37
Number of channels: 3
Tracker: Vortex Tracker II 1.0 module:
Title (metadata): buzzing brazzing (ABC 1.77)
Author (metadata): wormsbiysk | WBC ^ LSA 29.08.14
Original filename: buzzing brazzing.pt3
Download in original format: Download in original format wbcbz7+-+Buzzing+brazzing+%282014%29+%28Chaos+Constructions+2014%2C+5%29.pt3wbcbz7 - Buzzing brazzing (2014) (Chaos Constructions 2014, 5).pt3
Download as MP3: Download as MP3
Played: 42
MD5: ceff7326c9315d986751ffdcde0b8400
Converted to mp3 by: ZXTune r4440
Uploaded by: moroz1999, 12.09.2014 20:23

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