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Comet Day

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Music title: Comet Day
Music authors:
File format: AY
Sound type: Digital AY
Party: ZX AAA Demo Compo 2010 (4, General music compo)
Publication year:
Duration: 2:21.00
Channels: 1
Internal title: Comet Day
Internal author: Yerzmyey/AY-Riders
Download in original format: Download in original format Yerzmyey+-+Comet+Day+%282010%29+%28ZX+AAA+Demo+Compo+2010%2C+4%29.ayYerzmyey - Comet Day (2010) (ZX AAA Demo Compo 2010, 4).ay
Separated tracker file: Separated tracker file Yerzmyey+-+Comet+Day+%282010%29+%28ZX+AAA+Demo+Compo+2010%2C+4%29.strYerzmyey - Comet Day (2010) (ZX AAA Demo Compo 2010, 4).str
Download MP3:
Tags: Sampletracker
Played: 102
MD5: 3f00752506244a4a6da6d781cc101689
Added by: introspec, 29.08.2014 16:26
moroz1999 12.09.2014 19:30 -0+
Really cool one!
Kantxo 19.04.2015 12:47 -0+
Amazing! I was not aware of sampled instruments, sequenced, tracker like tunes on ZX Spectrum with AY chip. These remember me SoundTracker on Amiga!

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