Incident At Horna Suca

Incident At Horna Suca
Incident At Horna Suca
Incident At Horna Suca
Title: Incident At Horna Suca
Author: zombi2
Format: Standard 6912
Palette: sRGB
Party: Forever XIII (10, General graphics compo)
Year: 2012
Original filename: Incident At Horna Suca.scr
Download zombi2+-+Incident+At+Horna+Suca+%282012%29+%28Forever+XIII%2C+10%29.scrOriginal file
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Tags: City, Cloud, Graveyard, Hand, Lamp, Male, Night, Tombstones
Views: 811
MD5 hash: ae8aa1d1b70ff99a03d1d006d106342a
Added by: moroz1999, 20.03.2012 00:51
moroz199920.03.2012 09:58
This is clearly underestimated, it's worth a much higher place.
zombi221.03.2012 02:20
Originally I intended to send in a gory version but I decided to go for a more subtle approach in the end.

Here's the original:

diver4d21.03.2012 04:01
zombi2, wow! that version looks much more finished! :)
bfox26.03.2012 22:20
the great example of making a foreground self-transparency i think. great cartoon-style, good lighting. like it very much - don't stop, zombie2! i'm waiting of new pictures:)
good luck!!!

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