Group title: Accolade Inc

Group alias: Atari Inc
Links: Page on Spectrum Computing

Group members

Group member Starting from Until Roles in group
Simon Butler
Nick Wilson
Chris Pink
Ed Bogas
Mimi Doggett

Software developer

Psi-5 Trading CompanyPsi-5 Trading Company
Psi-5 Trading Company
The Train: Escape to NormandyThe Train: Escape to Normandy
The Train: Escape to Normandy
The Duel, The: Test DriThe Duel, The: Test Dri
The Duel, The: Test Dri
Star Control
Star Control

Publisher of software

Grand Prix CircuitGrand Prix Circuit
Grand Prix Circuit
Star ControlStar Control
Star Control
The CyclesThe Cycles
The Cycles
The Duel: Test Drive IIThe Duel: Test Drive II
The Duel: Test Drive II

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