Group title: Adventure Probe Software

Group alias: Adventure Probe

Publisher of software

The Axe of Kolt
Castle Warlock
The Curse of Nimue
The Dunshalt Donut
Die Feuerfaust
Helvera: Mistress of the Park
The Lost Children
A Magician's Apprentice
Magnetic Moon
The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist
Revenge of the Space Pirates
Rhyme Cryme
Run, Bronwynn, Run!
The Search for the Wonderful Whotsit
The Spectre of Castle Coris
Starship Quest
Ten Green Bottles
There's a Hole in Your Bucket
Trouble at Bridgeton
The Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer
Magical Mystery Tour
The Black Knight
Feline Sleepy
Going Critical
Hide and Seek
The Sefton Manor Assignment
So Little Time
Where Is Zeus?
Hedda's Revenge
A Hero for Sorania
Hedda Strikes Again
Ten Little Adventurers
The Nether Poppleton Treasure Hunt
A Soupcon of Trouble
The Nameless One
The House of Lockerby
By Right of Birth
The Dream Concert
Fortress of Fear
Seven Spanish Angels